5 Things You Didn’t Know About Assisted Living and Senior Life Care

The decision to enter an Assisted Living community or help a loved one transition to a new lifestyle in an Assisted Living community isn’t always easy. You likely have a lot of questions and even fears related to senior life care for yourself or your relative. But the more you learn about the options available, the better you’ll feel. Here are a few things you may not already know, that may ease your worries and help you navigate your choices!

1. Assisted Living does NOT mean a nursing home. A nursing home provides care for elderly residents who require medical attention on a regular basis. Assisted Living, on the other hand, helps seniors to preserve their independence and continue to care for themselves. While staff is available to assist residents with daily care tasks if necessary, seniors in Assisted Living communities typically enjoy a private apartment and the freedom to continue their daily routine.

2. Patients with memory loss have options. If you’re worried that a traditional assisted living community is not right for your loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s, think again. Many assisted living communities cater to residents with memory loss, even offering special memory care areas designed to keep these residents safe. Staff members are trained to handle the challenges of memory loss at various stages, so it’s likely your loved one will fit in just fine.

3. Assisted living communities are happy places! Most assisted living communities offer vibrant communities with activities to suit a variety of personalities. Some facilities cater to a specific group besides celebrating holidays and traditions. If you are anxious about fitting in, try visiting several assisted living communities to get a taste of the atmosphere and community spirit. You’ll probably like what you see.

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