At Harbor’s Edge, we offer the best in upscale independent senior living. There are many exciting amenities to enjoy when you make a move into a retirement community. So after the decision’s been made, the downsizing’s been completed, and the movers finally have you settled into your new home, it’s time to celebrate the carefree lifestyle and enjoy the amenities you’ve been waiting for!

To have so many options for socializing, entertainment, relaxation, exercise, and even learning a new pastime is a luxury to be savored. Time to jump in and enjoy.

Here at Harbor’s Edge and our new River Tower, our beautiful open atrium ushers in bright sunshine from the skylight that gives you a feeling of being on a grand ocean liner. Enjoy some refreshing drinks with a group of new friends at our bar, which overlooks Norfolk’s active harbor and features a baby grand piano.

Just a few steps from our Atrium you’ll find the Puzzle Room (where the satisfaction of finishing a puzzle after a long period of time feels amazing) and Card Room – Chess, Backgammon, or Mahjong anyone? Or put together your own team for bridge and let the competition begin!

Our Club Room is the perfect place to engage each other in a friendly game of billiards or challenge your neighbor to a game of shuffleboard. Bring down today’s newspaper or borrow a book from our collection and catch up on some reading in our quiet Library. Or catch the latest flick or a classic movie in our Media Room.





If you need to brush up on your golf swing before heading back out to the course, take advantage of our professional golf simulator. Or make an appointment to recharge at our Salon and Spa.

Harbor’s Edge offers four restaurants where residents can not only enjoy exceptional chef-prepared meals, but they can also entertain their friends and family. Our culinary team is second to none and our five-star dining speaks for itself. Best of all, there are several options to choose from depending on your occasion or mood.





But the real joy of our many incredible amenities is the interaction you’ll have with your friends and neighbors. At times, isolation and depression can be a side effect of living alone in your own home. And with our given social nature, this can be devastating on our health, both physical and mental.

Law professor and author Sharona Hoffman has studied the importance of human contact, especially among seniors, who are more prone to isolation. “There are a lot of studies showing a clear correlation between social interaction and longevity, mental health, and physical health,” observes Hoffman. “By contrast, people who are lonely do much worse.  They have more heart problems, higher blood pressure, more insomnia, and so on.”

If you’ve contemplated moving into a retirement community, you’ve likely heard the phrase “I wish I’d moved here sooner”. See what one of our newest residents had to say.

When my husband and I moved in we were excited about the beautiful building and the view —oh, that view—but what we have come to appreciate even more is the friendliness and the hospitality of the residents and staff. We can have our quiet times either in our apartment or the library or other lovely public rooms.  At other times, we can enjoy big and small social gatherings with interesting people.   

The living is easy.  At Harbor’s Edge, both residents and staff are happy to be here and it shows.  Friendly greetings in elevators, classes, talks, cocktail parties—everywhere there is a feeling of well-being, of being home.  

               Aleene Rose, River Tower Resident

Take a look at all of your options, then give us a call at 757-616-7950 to see what Harbor’s Edge can offer you! But don’t wait too long to settle in and start enjoying the finer things in life.

Author – Julie Wysong


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