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When is the right time to move to Harbor’s Edge?

If we’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it dozens of times:

“We really wish we’d moved to Harbor’s Edge sooner.”

We absolutely understand the difficulty of leaving your beloved longtime home, neighborhood and friends. Home ownership is a powerful emotion. But it also comes with obligations, not only does home ownership require more work, it takes precious time away from many of the things we hoped to do more of in retirement. And, if a loved one develops a disabling illness or condition, living in one’s own home can become even more difficult, even dangerous.

That’s why so many people find such pleasure and peace of mind moving to a Life Plan Retirement Community – especially one as luxurious, high-quality and accommodating as Harbor’s Edge. And as we like to say, the sooner the better to enjoy life here!

For sure, living in a Life Plan Retirement Community can be freeing to both the residents and their families. At Harbor’s Edge, fees include not only a fabulous residence, active lifestyle, services and amenities, but the security and peace of mind of guaranteed access to on-site care. And, of course, our refundable entrance fee program is a great way to secure a resident’s financial future.

For more on Planning, including Financial information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Financial Security

Financial Security

Harbor’s Edge is a Life Plan Community offering a full continuum of care, so no matter what your health care needs are in the future, we have you covered. All services, amenities and levels of care are included in one monthly fee to avoid surprises. In addition, we offer refundable entrance fee plans for complete financial security.

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