In case you missed last Friday’s post, Kori Poplin, Director of Fitness and Wellness, teaches a class every Monday called “Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less.” Consider this Part II to last week’s blogpost – the success stories from Kori’s class keep rolling in! Harbor’s Edge resident, Phil Gillette, has noticed major health improvements that he attributes to the class.

Phil was inspired to take the class after the realization that at this point in his life, maintaining and enhancing good health and fitness habits had to become a priority. It was also important for him to consider his wife, Nancy – Phil wanted to encourage her to become healthier, too. It was time to take action and seize the day.

Phil enrolled in “Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less” soon after his move to Harbor’s Edge in December of 2019. Since starting the class and working hard to improve his health, Phil has slept better, lost at least 15 pounds, lowered his BMI and lowered his risk of heart disease.

He’s made several changes to his diet that have contributed to his incredible success. Phil eats smaller portions than he used to and often pushes excess food aside to save for later. He makes a conscious effort to listen to his body and stop eating when he feels full. Aside from the occasional exception, he has given up desserts – an extraordinary feat for someone who used to enjoy chocolate ice cream nearly every night! He’s also traded in most carbs for fruits and vegetables. Phil eats a predominantly pescatarian diet and usually opts for a vegetarian or fresh catch option for lunch and dinner.

I was impressed when Phil told me that he exercises every day of the week! He loves to take various classes in the Harbor’s Edge fitness center and aerobics classes in the pool, go for long walks both indoors and outdoors with Nancy, and use hand weights to improve his upper body strength. “Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less” is Phil’s favorite class. The best aspect of the class for him is how comfortable Kori makes everyone feel. She encourages all participants to share their own stories and experiences, which helps everyone get to know one another better. They all support and motivate each other.

Phil hopes any residents who aren’t enrolled in the class, but have considered it, will take the plunge and do it! He advises them to talk to Kori or Kendall to see what they recommend, then act on their recommendation. Don’t wait! A world of nutritious, delicious food and a healthy, active lifestyle awaits you.

Julie Deriso

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