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Linda Mathias always had her eyes on the sky. A Norfolk native and the oldest of four girls, she attended Granby High School and ODU. Teaching school for one semester cured her of that desire.

In 1971, while working as a civilian in the Navy, Linda was offered the chance of a lifetime; learning to fly in the Navy’s flying club. She has been flying ever since and has no plans of landing any time soon.

How did you hear about Harbor’s Edge?

I came to a couple of the open houses, and my late husband and I had visited a couple of friends here. After my husband died I got tired of taking care of an acre of land and a big house. I finally just said, it’s time to go home, and here I am.

What made you choose Harbor’s Edge over the other options in Hampton Roads?

I had been to the CCRC in Virginia Beach a couple of times, but there was something about it that felt too impersonal.  I felt like Norfolk is the best place for me anyway because it’s home.

What was the single most important reason for moving to Harbor’s Edge?

I think probably the location. This is the area I knew, and it was closer to friends and family.

What is there that you still want to accomplish in life?

More travel. There are some places I want to go that I haven’t had the chance to yet. Russia for one. It has always fascinated me. Just need to find a friend who wants to go with me. South America too. I want to go to Brazil, and Argentina. See the Andes.

What would you say to someone who was considering a move to Harbor’s Edge?

Go for it! Don’t wait. It is a wonderful place to live. There are a lot of really nice people here. I have No
regrets. None at all. Genuinely, it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

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