Start your Retirement on the Right Track | Harbor's Edge Blog has listed six productive ways to kick off your retirement to give new purpose to this exciting stage in your life:

  • Get your house in order – begin the downsizing process and make room in your home for hobbies you want to pursue.
  • Put it in writing – write down what you want your ideal retirement to be. Creating a plan can get you to the retirement life you envision for yourself much smoother.
  • Raise your health consciousness – Join a health club and start all of the healthy recipes you never had time to make.
  • Join – take classes of special interests or try something new.
  • Volunteer – use your extra time to create a difference in your community.
  • Go Outside your comfort zone – take on a new project or enroll in some college classes

Living in a community such as Harbor’s Edge will satisfy all of these newly retirement living ideas. Harbor’s Edge has committees dedicated to special interests and helping the community. There are dozens of activities that take place throughout the week to keep you busy and entertained. Check out some of the committees that we have at

Call our marketing department at ​1-866-979-3454 for more information on how to get this new stage of your life started on the smartest track possible.

Westen, Robin. Third Age. 2012. “Beat the Post Retirement Blues”. Web. 18 Oct 2012.

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