Kori Poplin, Director of Fitness and Wellness, teaches a class every Monday called “Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less.” Several residents have remarkable success stories from the class, including Susan Saunders.

When Susan, a retired RN, moved to Harbor’s Edge three years ago, her weight was considered average for her age and height. At the time, regular exercise wasn’t her top priority. Susan wanted to fully take in her new home and enjoy every aspect of it. One of the amenities that dazzled her most was the food. No surprise there – I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love the food at Harbor’s Edge.

Not only did Susan love the food, she also enjoyed the social aspect of the dining room overall. She was able to mingle with friends every night while enjoying a glass of wine and a menu with lots of tantalizing options. She found herself indulging in one of Harbor’s Edge’s most popular menu items, she crab soup, nearly every night.

Fast forward two years – Susan realized she had gained about eight pounds. She was ready to take action immediately to drop the unwanted weight. Lucky for her, another fabulous Harbor’s Edge asset happens to be Kori Poplin, fitness and health extraordinaire! Susan enrolled in Kori’s class, “Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less.” Susan soon found herself eight pounds lighter and enriched with a wealth of fitness and health knowledge.

Even though she was already highly educated on the human body and how it works, Susan learned more from Kori’s class than she could have imaged about how our food and alcohol intake really affects us. The class meets once a week, and it serves as a support group as well as an invaluable resource for fitness and health education. Every resident motivates and encourages one another. Susan looks forward to the meeting each week!

Julie Deriso

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