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When people visit Harbor’s Edge, whether it’s their first time or their twentieth, they are sure to compliment our lovely floral arrangements – it never fails. Beautiful, fresh and festive, the flowers and their colors always represent the corresponding seasons and holidays perfectly.

Newcomers are often surprised to learn that the arrangements are created in-house by our own residents, even though they appear to be handcrafted by professional florists. Harbor’s Edge is lucky to have an incredibly talented and selfless group of ladies who volunteer their time and effort to make this happen.

It’s no small feat, either. The floral arrangements call for about four to five hours of labor each week! The ladies have appropriately appointed themselves “the Flower Guild.”

The pioneer and leader of the Flower Guild is Phyllis Eggleston, who has been perfecting her craft for thirteen years. She taught the rest of the crew everything she knows. Bobbi Andrews has been creating floral arrangements for twelve years, Jeanne McBride has been doing them for about three years, and the newest member, Jane Barrett, has been at it for six months.

The Flower Guild welcomes anyone who wants to join in on the fun with open arms. They are so excited for River Tower construction to be complete and eager to meet their future neighbors!

You’re the perfect candidate to join them if:

  • You have a green thumb and love to design.
  • You don’t know anything about flower arranging, but want to learn from the best.
  • You just want to have fun and get to know your new neighbors.

Next time you’re at Harbor’s Edge, be sure to stop and smell the roses.

Julie Deriso

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