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Evaluating Assisted Living Communities that might be a good fit for your loved one can be a stressful time for any family member. You likely have many options to weigh and questions you need answered. We’ve put together a few frequently asked questions and concerns that may interest you as you consider the Assisted Living Communities near you.

What is Assisted Living, exactly?

 Assisted living offers seniors a home environment, typically a private apartment, with the added benefit of services and amenities like chef prepared meals, transportation, assistance with daily care, and recreational activities. Every retirement community varies slightly in terms of amenities, but most aim to provide plenty of options seniors can choose from. The goal is to improve quality of life for seniors and help them maintain their independence while having access to the assistance they need.

 Is assisted living the same as a nursing home?

No. Nursing homes typically for care for seniors in need of more serious medical treatment. Assisted Living, on the other hand, is typically a good choice for seniors who are not sick but may need help with activities of daily living like getting dressed, cleaning the house, or preparing meals.

Is my loved one a good candidate for assisted living?

 Your family member may benefit from Assisted Living if he or she is not ill but needs help with daily chores, self-care, transportation, etc. Assisted living offers the monitoring and support seniors need to maintain independence for as long as possible. Some Assisted Living Communities, such as Harbor’s Edge, offer a continuum of services for seniors with memory loss, like Alzheimer’s. Even older adults who don’t need much help just yet may choose a retirement community for benefits such as recreation, friendship, dining services, and more!

What are the benefits to putting my loved one in an Assisted Living Community?

Safety and peace of mind is one great reason. Regular monitoring can help ensure your loved one has help in the event of an emergency. Seniors also enjoy increased mobility and transportation, as well as social events and activities to make loneliness a thing of the past. Most residents enjoy the sense of community and friendship available to them in an Assisted Living Community.

How do I choose the Assisted Living Community that’s right for my family member?

 When evaluating Retirement Communities, it’s a good idea to have a list of everything your loved one is looking for. For example, a swimming pool, great dining choices, memory care services, etc. Next, take the time to visit several communities with your family member. Talk to other residents to learn about their experiences, and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions!

Choosing the Assisted Living Community that is the perfect fit for your beloved family member isn’t an easy decision. But remember that evaluating retirement communities can be an exciting next step! Luxury Retirement Communities like Harbor’s Edge offer a lot of amenities and recreational options to choose from, in addition to the care your loved one needs. Relax and enjoy learning about the choices available to you and your family member.

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