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Making the decision to move to an Assisted Living Community is something most people will have to contemplate at some time in their lives. However, by knowing the facts about why Assisted Living is actually more beneficial than living at home, making that decision can be easier and something to look forward to!


Firstly, moving to an Assisted Living Community means you or your loved one will have the opportunity to be around other residents and not just caregivers who are there to supervise meals, medication and other facets of their daily life.  The variety that you’ll find in other residents who are in the same life stage also helps create bonds between those who have common life experiences. Another great benefit is that family members can rest easy knowing their loved ones are in a safe and secure environment.  Residents, as well as family members can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the emergency response systems that are located in every apartment. Residents no longer have the fear of falling and being left for hours or even days, something that is all too common while living alone.


Your loved one will also have greater access to social interaction and fitness through planned activities commonly done at Assisted Living Communities such as trips to shows and local events, on site entertainment, and transportation to cultural places and shopping. Don’t feel like going out? There are movie screenings on site at Harbor’s Edge; a game room for cards or puzzles, library with a fireplace for reading a book or the newspaper, several dining venues, or a common area to watch TV with friends.


Best of all, at an Assisted Living Community everything is taken care of when you are a resident!  No more worries about yard work or home maintenance. When living at home alone, family visits often require that your loved ones spend most of their time taking care of the things you are no longer physically capable of handling, eliminating precious quality time you could be spending together. Living in an Assisted Living Community frees up that time so visits from loved ones can be spent catching up and having fun.


One final thing to consider is cost. In-home health care can add up and you normally have to pay a number of different providers plus your mortgage and living expenses. At an Assisted Living Community, everything is included in one monthly payment that is typically less expensive overall, considering all of the added benefits.


Come see the difference for yourself at Harbor’s Edge, Hampton Roads’ full-service, premier Continuing Care Retirement Community. Make an appointment to visit us on our Contact Us Page or call (​866) 979-3454 and discover in person how Assisted Living is better than staying at home alone!

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